What is FAST-WICK™ technology?

<span style="color: #ffffff;">FAST-WICK™ technology</span>

FAST-WICK™ technology

Wicking fabrics are a relatively new phenomenon, first developed by DuPont Textiles less than 30 years ago. You will hear many terms and trademarks in relation to wicking fabrics, Dri-Fit, Climate Control, DryLine, Coolmax, Sport-Wick, Climacool, Dri-Mesh, TexCare…. but all look to achieve more or less the same results – wick moisture away from the skin for fast evaporation.

APPIN Sports FAST-WICK™ fabrics are technically known as ‘hydrophobic materials’ – simply put they don’t like water and do not soak it up. Cotton, on the other hand, loves sweat and moisture and holds on to it resulting in soaked, heavy, and cold clothing. Wicking fabrics, through a process of capillary action allow sweat/moisture to pass through the fabric to reach the surface quicker, hence evaporating faster. The fabric also allows cooler air to pass through.


How does APPIN Sports FAST-WICK™ fabric work?  

<span style="color: #ffffff;">FAST-WICK™ mesh fabric</span>

FAST-WICK™ mesh fabric

By incorporating FAST-WICK™ technology into the polyester fabrics, APPIN bespoke apparel offers greater breathability. Have a close look at a wicking fabric and you will notice something – the inside layer is smoother and flatter, while the outside layer has multiple mesh layers and a greater surface area.

Water/sweat is very attracted to the inside of the fabric. Sweat and moisture are drawn from the skin along the microfibers through the fabric. It is dispersed over a larger surface area on the outside of the material, allowing it to quickly evaporate leaving you feeling cooler and drier.


Caring for your FAST-WICK™ apparel  

When washing your FAST-WICK™ apparel, it is recommended that you wash it inside-out at 30⁰C. One of the other great benefits of wicking apparel is its quick drying properties. After washing, you should hang it out to dry – it is best to avoid the tumble dryer as the intense dry heat can rob your apparel of its wicking and cooling properties over time. Wicking apparel dries quickly in the open air.


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